1990 Opening

location Amsterdam

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The opening of the location Amsterdam took place in 1990.


Van den Bosch Transporten Amsterdam was a completely independent subsidiary of Van den Bosch Transporten in Erp, and was specialised in the transport of liquid chemicals and non-food products.

By concentrating on a different range of goods this company operated in a completely different way compared with the parent company. For reasons of safety and quality, they had chosen a completely different color of the trucks, and a completely different logo which could also been seen on the trucks.


Besides the transport of liquid chemicals, activities with bulk dumpers, silo trucks, tilt- and open trailers, chiller/freezer vehicles and tankers could be done from Amsterdam by Van den Bosch Transporten in Erp.

The location had it's own cleaning facilities, Cleaning Station Amsterdam .

Click here for the brochure of this cleaning facility : (scroll down on the brochure-page)

Some of the trucks of Van den Bosch Transporten Amsterdam

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