Update on Silo Tank lawsuit


July 29, 2021 - The Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal delivered its judgment on Tuesday 27 July in the lawsuit brought by ten Hungarian drivers against their former employer, Silo Tank Kft.


The judgment of the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court concerns whether Hungarian drivers should have received Dutch wages for the international transport activities they carried out on behalf of Silo Tank (now Van den Bosch Transport Kft.) in the period 2007 – 2012.


On 2 May 2017, the Court of Appeal 's-Hertogenbosch ruled that the drivers are not entitled to Dutch wages. The transports carried out by the drivers took place only to a small extent in the Netherlands and for the most part abroad. The Court also found it relevant that the drivers lived in Hungary and had their financial and social obligations in that country.


The ten drivers in question then lodged an appeal and the case was referred by the Supreme Court to the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal. On 27 July 2021, the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal annulled the judgment of the Gerechtshof 's Hertogenbosch of 2 May 2017. The Court of Arnhem-Leeuwarden has ruled that the drivers concerned are entitled to Dutch wages.


Van den Bosch has taken note of the judgment and will examine it further. In an initial response, CEO Rico Daandels stated that he did not fully comprehend the Court's reasoning. Daandels questions whether it relates to the earlier ruling of the European Court of Justice on 1 December 2020 in the case brought by trade union FNV against Van den Bosch Transporten BV. "The Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal’s judgment attaches great importance to the group relationship, whereas this was not relevant in the earlier ruling of the European Court of Justice."

Advanced air dryer counters condensation


May 27, 2021 - How do you keep condensation out of a silo trailer and prevent the growth of bacteria and germs? Barry Gruijters, Operations Director Division Dry Bulk at Van den Bosch, has worked extensively on this issue. The solution lies in an innovation that he developed together with Ants Technology & Consulting: a high-quality air dryer to improve the air quality in the silo trailer.


The air dryer is equipped with an active carbon filter. This means that the incoming air is filtered, so that it’s of better quality than the outside air which is still present in the trailer from the loading process. Gruijters explains: "The system sucks in outside air, filters and dries this air and then blows it into the trailer. The unfiltered and potentially moist air in the trailer is discharged. In this way, we improve the air quality in the trailer and prevent condensation. This reduces the risk of residual loading and prevents the growth of bacteria or germs."


Hygiene and food safety

The first trailer is now fitted with the air dryer and ready for the test phase. A lot of attention has been paid to hygiene and food safety (such as preventing protruding parts and unevenness) and to the use of food-grade materials. The trailer is also equipped with sensors. "Among other things, these measure the moisture value of the incoming and outgoing air and are connected to a data logger with which we can analyse the data during and after testing," says Gruijters. The air dryer is active during transport and also operates when parked (if connected to power).


Milk powder and flour

The air dryer is used for the transport of dry bulk goods for the food industry. "You especially want to keep hygroscopic products such as milk powder and flour completely dry, to guarantee product quality and functionality", continues Gruijters. "With the development of this air dryer, we are raising the standard in the market. This type of system is currently only used for the dedicated transport of flour. But our design has a much broader application and focuses not only on drying, but also on air quality. This gives us the advantage in the area of food safety."

The test trailer has now been put into service and is used for the transport of flour. Following this test period, the air dryer will be further developed in consultation with interested parties.


Van den Bosch takes over Tankspeed Logistics activities


April 7, 2021 - Van den Bosch will take over the activities of Tankspeed Logistics Ltd in Newport (South Wales) from 10 April 2021. With this acquisition, Van den Bosch is strengthening its leading position in the intermodal transport of dry bulk products in Europe.


Tankspeed Logistics was founded in 2005 as Tankspeed-Fraikin by Mitzi Walker and Manfred Fraikin. Since 2015, all shares have been owned by Managing Director Mitzi Walker, with the company operating under the name Tankspeed Logistics. The core business consists of the transport of dry bulk products for the chemical industry, such as PVC powder and minerals. These activities take place in the United Kingdom and between the Benelux and the UK.


Market leader in pressurised silo containers

In recent years, Van den Bosch has invested in expanding its dry bulk activities in Europe, particularly in pressurised silo containers. Tankspeed Logistics also focuses on this specific segment. "With the acquisition of Tankspeed Logistics, we are strengthening our position as the market leader in transport with pressurised silo containers in Europe and are committed to further developing our business in the UK", says Barry Gruijters, Operations Director division Dry Bulk at Van den Bosch.


Growth ambition

The activities of Tankspeed Logistics will be continued by Van den Bosch. The takeover expands the fleet with various 30ft and 40ft pressurised silo containers. As Commercial Manager, Walker will remain closely involved in the operation. Gruijters explains: "Tankspeed Logistics is known for its high-quality service provision. Mitzi Walker's network and experience will be of great significance to the continued success and further development of the activities. With Mitzi on board, we have every confidence in the realisation of our growth ambitions in the UK market."


Ongoing relationship

Walker is equally excited about the takeover of activities by Van den Bosch. Tankspeed Logistics customers will benefit from the network, capacity and expertise of a logistics multinational. “I am delighted to be working with Van den Bosch to optimise our strengths and experience. Tankspeed Logistics and Van den Bosch have been working together for a number of years. I have seen how Van den Bosch has grown its business, especially in the UK, and have seen impressive innovations in the bulk sector. I envisage a prosperous and ongoing relationship with customers and suppliers, while supporting the ongoing development to grow our business.”


Mitzi Walker and Barry Gruijters

Van den Bosch opens new Academy


March 25, 2021 - With a symbolic champagne baptism of the silo container in front of the building, Van den Bosch has officially opened its brand new Academy. In this modern training facility at Bussele 30 in Erp, theory and practice come together in an inspiring environment, where the world of bulk logistics really comes to life. The festive opening was performed by CEO Rico Daandels and Director Staff Services Michiel van Kessel, and can be viewed online :


The Van den Bosch Academy is the company’s in-house training centre. Here, the knowledge and experience gained in recent decades is used to teach employees and transport partners to become experts in bulk logistics.


Quality and safety

"Quality and safety are major themes in the new Academy", says Michiel van Kessel, Director Staff Services at Van den Bosch and responsible for Learning & Development. "Bulk transport is a science in itself. This means that our drivers are not 'just' drivers. They must have specialist knowledge and that also applies to our office-based staff and our technical department. In our new Academy, we train every colleague for his or her specific job." 


Experience and interaction

Theory and practice come together in an inspiring setting of more than five hundred square metres. Various practice setups with transport equipment and tools are situated around a glass theory room. "A silo container, a tank container, a four-meter high structure for working at height, and much more", says Theo van Helvoort. As Project Manager, he was intensively involved in the realisation of the Academy. "We know from experience that employees and partners develop most effectively by experiencing the process themselves. All the steps of the bulk transport process are therefore dealt with both in theory and in practice. From safe working and sealing, to loading/unloading and product knowledge. Experience and interaction are central."


Making a difference

The new Academy is an important part of the growth strategy that Van den Bosch presented recently. As 'The Supply Changer in Bulk', Van den Bosch is aiming to bring sustainable change to the sector. Van Kessel adds: "We will continue to challenge and develop ourselves as leaders of the sector. With the new Academy, we are taking learning and development to the next level, challenging employees and partners to make a difference every day."


Watch the opening ceremony, digital tour and reactions from various stakeholders on


The Van den Bosch Academy is located at Bussele 30 in Erp. The new Academy replaces the former training facility, which was located next to the head office in Erp.


Ten-year partnership UNICEF and Van den Bosch


February 18, 2021 - Van den Bosch extends its cooperation with UNICEF the Netherlands. In 2021, the 10-year partnership will focus on combating child malnutrition in Burundi through the Maman Lumière programme. Besides this, Van den Bosch is again supporting the innovative Plastic Bricks project, under which plastic waste is transformed into building blocks for classrooms in Ivory Coast.


As a logistics service provider, Van den Bosch operates the transport of raw materials in Europe, but also in Africa, where food transport forms a large part of the activities. The continent also features prominently in UNICEF’s activities. For that reason Van den Bosch chose to enter into partnership with the UN Children's Rights Organisation in 2011. CEO Rico Daandels explains: "Being active in the African market, issues such as malnutrition and children's rights are of immediate concern to us. That is why we are fulfilling our social responsibility by making a serious contribution to various development projects, such as Plastic Bricks, and now also Maman Lumière."


Mamans Lumières combat malnutrition

Despite the very fertile soil, Burundi has the highest percentage of chronically malnourished children in the world. Through the Maman Lumière programme, UNICEF enlists local role model mothers to combat malnutrition. These mothers learn about healthy food and are given seeds to plant nutrient-rich vegetable gardens. They then share these skills and knowledge with mothers in the area. "In 2021, our support will go to this special project, through which we will make a clear connection with the food market", says Daandels. "With our support, we are aiming to make a meaningful contribution to tackling malnutrition and assisting the Mamans Lumières."


Plastic waste as building blocks for classrooms

Besides that, there is continuing support of the innovative development project, Plastic Bricks. This plastic recycling programme focuses on converting plastic waste into building blocks for classrooms in Ivory Coast. In that country, more than one and a half million children are unable to attend school because there simply are not enough classrooms. Furthermore, the country is very polluted because only five percent of all the plastic is recycled. But now that mothers and young people are collecting the plastic waste and selling it at a good price to the factory, they are being taken out of poverty and the waste is being recycled. The project achieved excellent results in 2020. 295 tons of plastic waste was recycled, resulting in 56 classrooms being built with recycled plastic building blocks. As a result, 2800 children can now go to school.


Ten-year partnership

Van den Bosch has had a strategic partnership with UNICEF Netherlands since 2011. Over the past decade, we supported various development projects in Africa. Support for tackling malnutrition in Mozambique is one example of this. Successful results have been achieved: in 2016, infant mortality was down 66% compared with 1990. Support for the Football for Water project in Ghana also produced positive results. This programme is aimed at providing safe drinking water and clean toilets in schools. "We are proud of the results achieved and look forward to our further cooperation with UNICEF the Netherlands and the promising projects we support", concludes Daandels.


Read more about the sustainability programme of Van den Bosch, Plastic Bricks and Maman Lumière.

Van den Bosch starts a new phase


October 13, 2020 - There is an increasing need for insights in bulk logistics. Insights that lead to efficient solutions with a positive impact on quality, sustainability, safety and costs. Today Van den Bosch presents a new growth strategy and market positioning ‘The Supply Changer in Bulk’, through which the logistics service provider wants to ensure sustainable change in the sector.


According to Van den Bosch, data analysis, digitisation, innovations and a more wide-ranging approach to the supply chain all contribute to smarter kind of bulk logistics. An extensive intermodal network remains essential in this respect. In fact, the logistics service provider wants to expand its network even more in the coming years by investing in smart equipment, an ambitious sustainability approach and a knowledge lab for open innovation.


Insights through data

Van den Bosch combines logistics knowledge and experience with the possibilities that data, technology and automation offer. The insights obtained in this way provide Van den Bosch with much more control over the logistics chain. That means higher delivery reliability, more transparency in the supply chain, fewer empty kilometres and a lower CO2 footprint for its clients. So, for example, customers can receive integrated CO2 advice based on an emissions calculator. New insights like these also offer far-reaching possibilities for developing new concepts and evaluating scenarios for optimising supply chains.


The Supply Changer in Bulk

The change that Van den Bosch wants to realise in the bulk sector goes hand in hand with a repositioning of the brand. Van den Bosch is introducing a new communication style, removing the word ‘Transport’ from the company name and marking the next step in its evolution with the new promise: ‘The Supply Changer in Bulk’.


Changing market demand

Van den Bosch CEO Rico Daandels explains: “Market demand is changing and we are responding to that. We want to further strengthen our leading position in order to make smart bulk logistics and more efficient supply chains a reality together with customers. Intermodal transport is of course an essential part of this, but fundamentally it’s about accumulating fewer kilometres. Bulk logistics is about more than just quantity. Quality through insights, knowledge and data is essential to perform as optimally and sustainably as possible.”


Smart Load Units

In line with its digital revolution, Van den Bosch is also a forerunner in the field of Smart Load Units: smart tank and silo containers that are not only tracked in real time, but which provide clear temperature, weight, seal status and cleaning quality indicators using smart sensors. Combining all the data available along with specific customer requirements using advanced planning software, the most appropriate equipment and optimal intermodal route can be selected. Based on this, the customer then receives comprehensive information enabling them to make a well-considered choice balancing the impacts on costs, time, CO2 emissions and performance.



In line with its digital revolution, Van den Bosch is also a forerunner in the field of Smart Load Units: smart tank and silo containers that are not only trackVan den Bosch wants to be the industry leader in sustainability by 2025. The sustainable transition has been set in motion over the past decades. Eighty percent of transport is now carried out intermodally. What’s more, payloads have increased which means that the number of transport movements has decreased. This results in significant CO2 savings. Van den Bosch’s ambition is to further reduce emissions for both customers and within its own organisation. Consequently, all locations will be completely climate neutral by 2025.ed in real time, but which provide clear temperature, weight, seal status and cleaning quality indicators using smart sensors. Combining all the data available along with specific customer requirements using advanced planning software, the most appropriate equipment and optimal intermodal route can be selected. Based on this, the customer then receives comprehensive information enabling them to make a well-considered choice balancing the impacts on costs, time, CO2 emissions and performance.


Network of the future

Van den Bosch has built up a reliable and proven network in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In addition to the traditional aspects of the network, Van den Bosch wants to further develop through innovative, sustainable and future-oriented networks and partnerships. In light of this, its knowledge lab will become available from 2021, where students, researchers, knowledge institutions, customers, partners and its own organisation will come together. This hotbed for open innovation aims to boost meaningful change within the supply chain of bulk.


More information about the repositioning is available at

Rick van Os appointed as CFO Van den Bosch

February 28, 2020 - Van den Bosch Transporten announces today the appointment of Rick van Os as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Van den Bosch Transporten, effective March 1, 2020. Together with CEO Rico Daandels he will form the general management of Van den Bosch.


Van Os (44) joins Van den Bosch from Hero Group, where he most recently has served as Chief Financial Officer, overseeing the company’s financial processes, business control, IT and Supply Chain Management. In his role as CFO at Van den Bosch Transporten, he will be responsible for strategy and policy development as well as the daily management of the company, together with CEO Rico Daandels. He will focus primarily on improving and controlling the internal business processes.


New challenge

Over the past 14 years, Van Os worked at Hero Group, the last 5 years serving as CFO. In his role as the CFO of Van den Bosch Transporten, he found the new challenge he was looking for. “A role with a wide scope in an enterprising company was exactly what I was looking for. Coming from a family-owned company, I soon had the feeling that I would fit here. Just like Van den Bosch, I am ambitious. I am really looking forward to this new challenge and to achieve great successes together.”

Van den Bosch takes next step in food safety

February 18, 2020 - Van den Bosch has bought 200 new 40FT pressurised containers for the transport of dry bulk products for the food industry. The new silo containers are equipped with a Protection Outlet Box: a leading technical innovation which is unique in intermodal bulk transport.


“With the purchase of these new containers, Van den Bosch takes the next step in the area of food safety and quality”, states Barry Gruijters, Operations Director Dry Bulk at Van den Bosch. “The technical specifications have been defined in close cooperation with clients and suppliers. A number of these specifications are unique within the intermodal transport of food products.”


(Food) safety and quality

The importance of (food) safety and quality are captured in every detail of the new containers. The combination of materials and the design is what makes these containers so unique. In every aspect special attention was given in terms of the usage of certain materials, cleanability and the safety of the product during transport or (interim) storage. “Our customers are looking for a high level of (food) quality and safety. That is why we at Van den Bosch combine the use of these new high quality containers with full insight into the transport and the history of the container via our recently launched customer portal FreightInsight”, Gruijters explains.


Protection Oullet Box

The new 40FT pressurised containers are, including other elements, equipped with a Protection Outlet Box, which is a leading technical innovation. This Protection Outlet Box offers full protection of the butterfly valve and outlet (the blind cap included). Both are in direct contact with the product. The box not only protects against unpleasant filth, but also prevents contamination of the box, improves sealing and ensures that the load unit is less sensitive for sabotage. Gruijters is excited: “Our customers are very enthusiastic about these new containers. Thanks to the unique combination of specifications, we are taking (food) safety and quality in intermodal bulk logistics to a higher level.”


The new 40FT silo containers are produced and delivered by LAG, located in Bree, Belgium. At the moment the new containers are delivered and fully operational.

Van den Bosch acquires Willis Larsson Transport

February 12, 2020 - Van den Bosch is strengthening its position in Northern Europe by taking over the Swedish transport company Willis Larsson Transport AB. This acquisition results in a further expansion of the logistic activities in the dry bulk segment.


The family owned company Willis Larsson Transport AB was founded in Lidköping, Sweden, in 1961. The company has acquired a strong position in the intermodal transport of dry bulk goods. With its own modern fleet of trucks and 40FT pressurised containers, Willis Larsson serves Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Benelux, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom. The acquisition will result in a further growth of the dry bulk division of Van den Bosch, which will grow into more than 1400 modern silo trailers and silo containers.


Growth as logistics coordinator

Rico Daandels, CEO of Van den Bosch: “The acquisition of Willis Larsson represents the next step in our international growth strategy. As a logistics coordinator, Van den Bosch wants to become the European top player in bulk logistics. With the use of data and the right equipment, we can provide  intermodal solutions for our customers – both in the field of dry and liquid bulk transport for the food and chemical industry. By taking over Willis Larsson, we will strengthen our logistic network in the Nordics and expand our leading position in the transport with pressurised containers. I’m pleased that CEO Sverker Larsson and his team will continue to be part of the company after the takeover and add their experience to the Van den Bosch organisation.”


Access to modern data systems

Sverker Larsson, CEO of Willis Larsson Transport: “Joining Van den Bosch connects us with the extensive European transport network and gives us access to the knowledge and experience of modern data systems. We have noticed that digital solutions have become increasingly important for our clients. The strong reputation of Van den Bosch ensures that we can continue to be a high quality partner in the future, both to our employees and our customers. Moreover, Van den Bosch will also bring its expertise in the field of liquid bulk transport to the Nordics, which will result in a further extension of our activities.”

Signing of the agreement by Sverker Larsson and Rico Daandels.

Strategic partnership Van den Bosch and STACKS

August 13, 2019 - Logistics service provider Van den Bosch DMCC has concluded a partnership with freight forwarder STACKS Logistics in Cape Town. STACKS brings over 15 years of experience in African logistics and will become the local agent for Van den Bosch in South Africa as of 1 September 2019.


"With this partnership we aim to further develop our liquid bulk transport activities from and to South Africa”, General Manager Bart van de Vorst of Van den Bosch DMCC explains “The focus is specifically on the transport of liquid food products in ISO tank containers. The South African market offers huge opportunities in regards to the transport of liquids in bulk as an alternative to the traditional drums and IBC’s. With the start of this promising partnership, we want to further strengthen our position as a tank operator on the South African market.”


Developing liquid bulk activities

As of 1 September 2019, STACKS Logistics will become the exclusive agent for Vanden Bosch DMCC in South Africa. STACKS will be the first point of contact for the South African business relations of Van den Bosch and will also be responsible for the further development of the liquid bulk activities from and to the South African market.

Managing Director Olivier Vanreusel is delighted  with the partnership: “We are excited to develop the liquid bulk activities together with Van den Bosch and aim to become a key player within the food & beverage logistics industry in South Africa.” An additional advantage is that STACKS offers in-house customs. “We operate as a freight forwarder with our own customs department. This will enable Van den Bosch to offer their South African customers a full in-house door to door solution.”


Connecting Africa

Over the past years, Van den Bosch has developed a strong position as tank operator on the African market. Branches were established in Dubai, Ghana, Ivory Coast and South Africa and this year investments were made again in 400 new ISO tank containers.

“The start of this partnership marks a next step on the African market”, Van de Vorst continuous. “Just like Van den Bosch, STACKS has a strong focus on Africa. The slogan ‘connecting Africa’ fits in seamlessly with our vision and ambitions.” Vanreusel agrees: “We share similar values, vision and focus. We aim to keep developing partnerships with Van den Bosch in other African countries as well and conquer these markets together.”


Joining forces in South Africa

Van den Bosch DMCC has been represented in South Africa by Aspen International since 2016, with whom a joint venture has been concluded. This collaboration will become part of the new STACKS-Van den Bosch partnership. Owner Gary van Niekerk continuous to be a strategic advisor for both Van den Bosch and STACKS. His extensive network and expertise in the field of bulk, reefer and fruit transport are a valuable contribution to the new partnership. “By means of this strategic collaboration, Van Den Bosch DMCC, STACKS Logistics and Aspen International are joining forces to connect and serve the South African market even better and to further develop our logistics activities”, concludes Van de Vorst.


For more info visit:

Signing of the agreement by Bart van de Vorst, General Manager of Van den Bosch DMCC,

and Olivier Vanreusel, Managing Director of STACKS Logistics.

Van  den Bosch continues collaboration with UNICEF

January 24, 2019 - Van den Bosch Transporten has extended its collaboration with UNICEF. In 2019 the partnership focuses especially on improving newborn care and nutrition in South Africa. In addition, Van den Bosch supports an innovative project to convert plastic waste into building bricks for schools in Ivory Coast.


UNICEF supports children’s rights all over the world. Van den Bosch has supported the activities of the UN children’s rights organisation since 2011. “As a bulk transporter, we transport raw materials on a daily basis”, CEO Rico Daandels of Van den Bosch explains. “A large part of our organisation is involved in the transport of goods that are processed in our food. Therefore we made a conscious decision to make a connection with the food market. By supporting UNICEF we want to contribute to the improvement of children’s health in developing countries, especially in Africa where we operate on a daily basis.”


Improving newborn care

This years collaboration programme focuses on the improvement of newborn care and nutrition in South Africa. Suzanne Laszlo, Director of UNICEF the Netherlands, stresses the importance: “South Africa is considered as an attractive holiday destination, but the inequality amongst the population is almost the highest in the world. Poverty is a huge problem and makes families and children vulnerable. Newborn mortality covers half of all deaths of babies under twelve months and one third of the deaths under five years old.” With the project ‘Happiness for newborns’, UNICEF works together with the government and local partners on newborn care and nutrition to increase the chances of survival.


Converting plastic waste into building bricks

In addition to that, support is given to the innovative project ‘Recycling Plastic, Creating Schools’. This project focuses on the conversion of plastic waste into building bricks for class rooms in Ivory Coast. In 2019 UNICEF wants to establish the basis for a futureproof waste recycling system. This year, 62 tons of plastic waste will be melt down into building bricks, partly due to the contribution of Van den Bosch. Van den Bosch enables the construction of two classrooms.

“The heavily increased amount of plastic waste is a global problem we should not ignore”, Rico Daandels states. “With the project ‘Recycling Plastic, Creating Schools’, UNICEF will start to recycle plastic waste in a constructive and unique way for the benefit of the local population of the Ivory Coast. It is a promising project and I am proud that we can contribute to get this initiative started.”


For more info visit:

Twintig jaar overslagterminal in Bergen op Zoom

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20 november 2018 - Vanuit de overslagterminal aan de Theodorushaven in Bergen op Zoom verzorgt Van den Bosch Transporten sinds 1998 de opslag, overslag en handling van diverse bulkgoederen. In 2018 bestaat de containerterminal precies twintig jaar. “En nog steeds zijn we volop in beweging”, aldus sitemanager Ronald Hamelink.


De overslagterminal aan de Theodorushaven staat vol met containers die op aanvraag worden aangeleverd of afgevoerd voor de opdrachtgevers van ‘OTB’, zoals de containerterminal in de volksmond heet. “Op een gemiddelde dag tellen we hier zo’n 750 tot 1000 containers”, vertelt sitemanager Ronald Hamelink. De containers zijn gevuld met bulkgoederen, voornamelijk met grondstoffen voor de plasticindustrie. Een team van zo’n twintig medewerkers zorgt voor de (tijdelijke) opslag en aanlevering van deze grondstoffen. Ook zijn diverse shuttlediensten opgezet. Daarmee wordt naast het containertransport zorggedragen voor een constante afvoer van het verpakte ‘gereed product’, bijvoorbeeld in de vorm van zakgoed of big bags. “We zorgen er 24/7 voor dat de logistieke activiteiten op en rondom de terreinen van onze klanten optimaal verlopen”, legt Hamelink uit.


Vraag naar opslagcapaciteit

Overslagterminal Bergen op Zoom zag het levenslicht in 1998. Director Procurement Hans Kanters was intensief betrokken bij de start. “We waren al ruim tien jaar actief voor een grote klant in Bergen op Zoom, voor wie we het plastictransport en de aanlevering van grondstoffen verzorgden”, blikt Kanters terug. “Het transport met silocontainers nam steeds verder toe en daarmee ook de vraag naar opslagcapaciteit en efficiëntie. Het was niet langer haalbaar om de containers en chassis op het terrein van de klant op te slaan. Zo ontstond het idee voor een containerterminal, van waaruit het transport en de (tijdelijke) opslag van containers efficiënter georganiseerd konden worden. Ook een andere logistiek dienstverlener had daar destijds behoefte aan. Zodoende besloten we de krachten te bundelen en zijn we gestart in de vorm van een joint venture. Sinds 2015 zijn we volledig eigenaar van de overslagterminal.”


Groeiende vraag

De terminal heeft zich ontwikkeld tot een gevestigde naam en is nog steeds volop in beweging. Zo werden de afgelopen jaren ‘Ultra Safe Tipping Chassis’ ontwikkeld, waarmee een moderne oplossing wordt geboden voor het lossen van bulkgoederen vanuit een 45 voet-container, waarin het product tijdelijk is opgeslagen. Ook is geïnvesteerd in een modern ‘stand alone’-containerkipframe. Daarmee kunnen goederen vanuit de ene container in een ander type container of silowagen worden gestort. Onlangs zijn tevens diverse vloeistofchassis aangekocht voor lokale activiteiten en is de shuttledienst wederom uitgebreid met een nieuwe Terberg trekker. “Met deze investeringen bieden we niet alleen extra capaciteit, maar ook maatwerkoplossingen en bewegen we mee met de groeiende vraag van onze klanten”, motiveert Hamelink.


Enthousiasme en passie

Ook voor de komende periode staan diverse investeringen gepland. Zo wordt de huidige reachstacker, die wordt ingezet voor containerhandling, vervangen door de nieuwe Kalmar DRG450-60S5 K-motion. Deze is voorzien van de meest recente toepassingen op het gebied van veiligheid, geluid en verbruik/uitstoot. Ook krijgen het hekwerk, de poorten, het terrein en het kantoor binnenkort een upgrade. “Dankzij deze investeringen kunnen we het terrein efficiënter gebruiken en zijn we klaar voor de komende twintig jaar”, vervolgt Hamelink. Hij is trots op de ontwikkelingen, maar bovenal op het team. “Onze medewerkers zijn de drijvende kracht achter de containerterminal. Het zijn stuk voor stuk professionals die dagelijks met veel enthousiasme en passie te werk gaan. De meeste collega’s werken hier al jaren en daar ben ik trots op. We gaan het jubileum dan ook samen vieren.”


Uitbreiding shuttlediensten

Hamelink is van plan de shuttlediensten de komende jaren verder uit te breiden om mee te bewegen met de groeiende vraag naar logistieke activiteiten in en rondom Bergen op Zoom. “Het is onze ambitie om alle ‘on-site’-logistiek te verzorgen voor onze opdrachtgevers. Van het aanvoeren van grondstoffen tot het opslaan en overslaan van goederen en het afvoeren van het verpakte gereed product. Daarbij schuilt de meerwaarde in onze flexibiliteit. Doordat we ook fysiek aanwezig zijn op locatie, kunnen we snel schakelen en onze klanten compleet ontzorgen op logistiek gebied. We zorgen er al twintig jaar voor dat ‘het voor elkaar komt’ en dat blijven we doen.”

Successful Broekema Bulk takeover

September 24, 2018 - Nearly three months ago, Van den Bosch has taken over the company Broekema Bulk. This resulted in further expansion of the dry bulk activities, especially in the field of transport with pressurized containers. “Thanks to the expansion of our fleet, we have grown into the largest pressurized container carrier on the European market”, says Commercial Director Paul van de Vorle.


Van de Vorle is satisfied about the Broekema Bulk takeover. “With the takeover, we aimed to realize further growth of our dry bulk activities in Europe. Just like Van den Bosch, Broekema developed into a strong player in pressurized container transport. There is a growing demand for this specialism, for example for the transport of powders which cannot simply be unloaded by a pressureless container.”


Growth in the United Kingdom

The past months were dominated by the integration of activities, from welcoming new customers, suppliers and employees to preparing the equipment and the implementation of the activities. “Nearly all activities could be maintained, which is making us proud”, Van de Vorle says. “The takeover resulted in further extension of our dry bulk activities, mainly in the United Kingdom, where Broekema acquired a strong position.”


Strong European network

Also Dirk Broekema is positive about the takeover. “As the owner of Broekema Bulk, the takeover was a big step for me, both from a business and a personal point of view. Now the first phase has been completed, we are able to finetune the integration of the activities and discover our future potential.” Dirk Broekema still is the point of contact for his customers. “They benefit from the extensive intermodal transport network of Van den Bosch in Europe, also in the field of liquid bulk transport. Moreover, various additional services are offered, such as on-site concepts and connectivity solutions.”


Pressurized containers

Van de Vorle and Broekema aim to realize further growth of the dry bulk activities in Europe. “Both our fleet and our network have grown and we may now call ourselves the largest pressurized container carrier in Europe. With this position we are able to anticipate on the increasing demand for transport of dry bulk goods, aiming specifically at further development of our activities with pressurized containers.”

Take over of Broekema Bulk by Van den Bosch Transporten.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 - Van den Bosch Transporten is taking over Broekema Bulk (Nederweert, NL) per July 1, 2018. This has been agreed by CEO Rico Daandels of Van den Bosch Transporten and Director Dirk Broekema of Broekema Bulk.


Just like Van den Bosch Transporten, Broekema Bulk is specialized in road and intermodal bulk transport. Where Van den Bosch Transporten is active in both dry and liquid bulk transport, Broekema Bulk focuses on dry bulk transport, especially feed, minerals, petrochemical products and dedicated food. The work area covers the Benelux, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.


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42 new Renault Trucks for Van den Bosch

January 9th 2018 - Van den Bosch Transporten has bought 42 new Renault trucks. The Renault Truck T has been chosen. “A full-fledged and lightweight truck with power and convenience going hand in hand”, says CEO Rico Daandels.

Impression of the new Renault trucks

Power and convenience

CEO Rico Daandels is pleased to welcome Renault in the fleet. “We have tested the Renault Truck T extensively and it left a very positive impression. Its low weight combined with the high convenience for the driver, the additional power and the favourable cost price per kilometre convinced us to go for this modern Renault truck.” Ed van Rijswijk, Manager Sales Operations at Renault Trucks Netherlands adds: “We are very proud that Van den Bosch opted for us. Not only confidence in Renault, but also in the BAS Truck Center dealer organization tipped the scales for the Renault trucks. We are looking forward to a pleasant cooperation.”


Extra loading capacity

The new trucks will be deployed for the transport of liquid and dry bulk in Europe. “We are reinforcing our lightweight strategy in the European bulk transport market with this investment”, Rico Daandels explains. “The use of lightweight equipment, such as trucks, containers and chassis, results in a higher payload, enabling the transport of more product volume.” Last year, the fleet was extended with 40ft silo containers, 40ft silo tipper chassis and lightweight 20ft liquid chassis. Investments were also made in connectivity, by equipping all trucks with a Trimble board computer and by providing a Trimble application to subcontractors.


Delivery in February 2018

The new trucks will be delivered by Renault Trucks dealer BAS Truck Center in Veghel. The first trucks are expected to arrive late February 2018.

Van den Bosch expands with flexitanks

22 June 2017 – Van den Bosch has extended its logistic services with flexitanks. In addition to the current availability of tank containers, liquid bulk products can now also be shipped in flexitanks to destinations worldwide.

Shipping liquid bulk products in flexitanks has grown into a popular transport mode. “We notice a growing interest in flexitanks to supplement our current activities. That is why we have decided to extend our services and include flexitanks in our deep sea activities”, says Paul van de Vorle, Director Business Development at Van den Bosch. “In combination with tank containers, we now offer a complete concept for the shipment of liquid bulk products.”


Destinations worldwide

Flexitanks are suitable for the transport of liquid food and chemicals (non-IMO). Popular export products, such as oil, wine, latex and glycerine are already frequently shipped in flexitanks. “From strategic locations in Europe and Africa, flexitanks can be shipped to destinations worldwide”, Van de Vorle explains. “The huge advantage is that flexitanks are for single use only. Therefore, a return load is not required and customers benefit from favourable rates based on one way use.”


Higher payload

Moreover, flexitanks have a capacity up to 24,000 litres, so the payload is significantly higher compared to alternative forms of transport, such as IBCs and drums. It leads to cost savings and a reduced number of transport movements. Moreover, there is no risk of contamination due to the single use. It is also an environmentally friendly way of transport, as flexitanks are fully recyclable.


Intermodal growth

Flexitanks are a welcome supplement to the current activities of Van den Bosch. Van de Vorle: “Our intermodal activities have seen a strong growth. We now belong to the top ten of bulk transporters in the European market. Next to that, we opened sites in Dubai, Cape Town and Tema (Ghana) over the last few years and expanded our intermodal fleet. By offering flexitanks, we want to further develop our intermodal activities with a focus on Europe and Africa.”


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