1996 Aquisition

de Meulemeester & Zn.


The acquisition of transport company De Meulemeester & Zn. (Tielt Belgium) took place in 1996. After the acquisition, the trucks received a visible Van den Bosch fleet number on the cabin. Nowadays the company is fully integrated into the Van den Bosch group and the branche in Tielt is closed.


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Transport De Meulemeester Belgium
The father of Bertrand de Meulemeester started the company in 1946 with this Kenworth. This army vehicle was equipped with a Cummins Diesel engine with 180 Hp (already with pump injectors, the current common-rail system) and the carroserie was made by Spiessens from Tielt.
When finished, the truck was used for the transport of live animals, mainly pigs. The father of Bertrand brought them to Anderlecht's market. The start of a great company !
De Meulemeester Egem
  1. Büssing (150 HP) imported from Germany. Equipped with self-regulating oil brakes and a wheelhouse, energized with air pressure and already equipped with tachograph and Webasto night heating. The truck originally belonged to the Deutsche Bundesbahn. On the left: A De Meulemeester Kenworth (180 HP).
  2. Kenworth with Cummins diesel-engine and Mack 12-speed gearbox. The trailer with swing axis is from DAF.
  3. ERF with a 350 HP strong Cummins engine and tipping aluminum Benalu silo trailer of 32m3 (without chassis and tipped on its rear axle without support feet!)
  4. Büssing (240 HP), semitrailer: see photo 3
  5. White with a 320 HP strong Cummins engine. Semitrailer: Freuhauf isolated 30.000 liters.

De Meulemeester Pittem

Beautiful old photos of De Meulemeester Transport, at that time located in Pittem near Tielt Belgium. (Thanks to A.J. van Kemenade en Wiljan Derks.)

  1. A De Meulemeester Bedford with 320 HP and a Detroit 6-cylinder in V with 2 driven axles. Semitrailer: 42.000 liter inox ADR-tank trailer from the brand Coder with a sheet thickness of only 2.5 mm !
  2. 3, 4 and 5: White and ERF. Both brands were distributed at that time by the company "Cummins Distributor Belgium N.V." in Brussels.

De Meulemeester Tielt (Belgium)

The following photo is from the 70's of the last century and according to the door description, De Meulemeester was moved to Tielt. It shows both a MAN-Büssing - and a MAN - truck. Truck manufacturer Büssing was taken over by MAN in 1971. Until the 1980's, trucks were subsequently made under the name MAN-Büssing.

De Meulemeester & Zn. changed from the blue style to the beige-brown in the 90's of the last century (and later to white as shown on the last two pictures in this gallery). These colors were actually the colors of the the Amylum glucose plant in Aalst Belgium.

The Scania 142H on the 3rd photo was a special one. It's was bought second hand and De Meulemeester had only one 142H of that generation.

After the acquisition by Van den Bosch Transporten ....

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