50th anniversary 2014

In September 2014 the company celebrated it's 50th anniversary together with customers, suppliers, employees, subcontractors and other relations under the heading of 'Proud to be 50’.

The ‘Proud to be 50’ anniversary week consisted of three events: an anniversary celebration for our (business) relations on Thursday the 25th of September, a staff celebration on Saturday 27 September and an open house on 28 September.


In the photo gallery at the bottom of this page are the photo's of the open house,  in the submenu on the right side of this page you will find various photo galleries that together give an idea of '50 years Van den Bosch Transporten' ....

50 Years Van den Bosch Transporten ; a Short History


1964 Ad starts his own business in Erp (Holland)

1971  Opening garage

1974 First silo truck

1975 First cleaning facility

1976 First tanker

1977 Thies Transporten Assen (Holland) acquired

1980 Opening location Neer

1982 100th Volvo

1983 Opening bodywork departement

1986 Opening new cleaning station

1987 Acquisition first tank containers

1987 200th Volvo

1990 Opening location Amsterdam (Holland)

1994 Opening location Salzgitter (Germany) 

1994 Acquisition International Transport en warehousing company Van der Donk B.V. 's-Hertogenbosch (Holland)

1996 Acquisition of De Meulemeester & Zn Tielt (Belgium)

1998 Peter van den Bosch takes over the company

1998 500th truck

1998 Construction of a new establishment; Bergen op Zoom (Holland)

2003 Acquisition of Jumbotainers Rotterdam (Holland)

2004 Construction of the new headquarters

2004 Establishment Van den Bosch Ltd, England

2006 Acquisition Patterson Tankers Ltd, England

2006 Acquisition Van Heur Transport B.V. Weert (Holland)

2006 Acquisition Silo-Tank Transporte GmbH Gunskirchem (Austria)

2006 Acquisition Silo-Tank Kft Kazincbarcika (Hungary)

2008 1000th Volvo

2011   For the first time more intermodal transport than road transport

2013  Opening Van den Bosch Experience

2014  Acquisition intermodal dry bulk operations Nijhof-Wassink

2014  50 years Van den Bosch Transporten ....



From road transport to intermodal transport


The company developed because of good and consistent quality and owned a truck cleaning station in as early as 1975. After steady growth and a number of new sites, the cleaning station was replaced by an ultra-modern one in 1986.Van den Bosch Transporten expanded into Germany (Salzgitter) and Belgium (Tielt) in the years after. Also other forms of transport were discovered, by sea and by rail.


The road of intermodal transport was taken. A container terminal arose in Bergen op Zoom. The new General Manager Peter van den Bosch deliberately chose to expand intermodal transport. This was emphasized by the takeover of Jumbotainers from Rotterdam in 2003, which added deep sea transport to the company’s services.


Leading the way


In 2004 branches were established in the UK and in 2006 Van den Bosch Transporten took over Silo Tank in Gunskirchen, adding an Austrian and a Hungarian branch. After some other takeovers in 2006, a consolidation phase followed between 2007 and 2010 to create a sustainable and solid base for the company.


In 2011, it was the first time for the company that more transport was carried out by intermodal transport than by road. The road taken is expanded in the next years and from 2011 onwards, the focus will stay on sustainability, operational excellence, flexibility and on innovation.

50 Years Van den Bosch Transporten ; the Movie

50 Years Van den Bosch Transporten ; the Open house 2014

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50 Years Van den Bosch Transporten ; the Trucks

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